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#Murmuration #PKM 🎯 You don’t need perfect [consistency] to succeed as a creator. Instead, aim for flexible consistency. Create most days. Rest when you need to. Alternate between different modes of expression.
It’s a long game – don’t bore yourself out of it by sticking to a strict routine.
In practice, [consistency] is about being adaptable. Don't have much time? Scale it down. Don't have much energy? Do the easy version. Find different ways to show up depending on the circumstances. Let your habits change shape to meet the demands of the day.
Adaptability is the way of [consistency].
Instead of giving up on our habits or goals when faced with obstacles or challenges, we can adapt and find different ways to continue making progress. For example, if we don't have much time, we can scale down the time we spend on a particular habit. If we lack energy, we can opt for an easier version of the habit.
By being adaptable, we can continue to make progress toward our goals even when faced with challenges or obstacles. This approach allows us to build and maintain habits that are sustainable and can withstand the inevitable ups and downs of life.